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Emerson Martins
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South Easton, MA 02375
BestHands Construction Repairs, Inc.

Company Biography

We are a locally owned company providing quality service to homeowners in the area. We pride ourselves on our expert installations. We care about each individual by meeting his or her specific needs. Our staff is highly skilled and trained. Our work is never finished until you are completely satisfied and happy. We are very interested in working for you and serve you. We understand that you are looking for a professional to take care of your request, so we would like to talk to you about your project so we can learn more about it. Working together ultimately we can complete your job. We understand that many other companies are competing for your business, but we will make everything as possible to honor our slogan.

Primary Trades

Landscape Construction, Landscape contractor, Landscaper, Hardscape, Dreamscape, Masonry & Stucco, Mason Contractor, Driveway, Patio, Pool patio, Walkway, Pavers, Stairs, Steps, Retaining Wall, Stone wall, Decks, Land clearing, Lawn and Sod Installation, Sprinkler and Drainage System, Fencing, Fences.

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Mass and RI

Why should the Customer Hire you?

We honor ourselves for our installations and just by talking to some references you will se the difference on how we treat our customers. Emerson Martins President


To protect our customer we don't give up their names before it's really needed we will give a minimum of 05 references when the customer ask for it. Thanks, BestHands

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