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Dan Schmidt
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Burnsville, MN 55337
Gencon-Graus Construction

Company Biography

Graus Construciton was founded in 1903 and thorugh the aquistion we have become DBA Gencon-Graus Construction with 2 divisions of Commercial Construciton and a industrial divisions.

Primary Trades

Gencon-Graus Construction has two divisions with Gencon being in the commercial division of work consisting of private and public work and Graus being in the industrial division of work consisting of private and public as well including refineries, power plants, wind power ect.

Explain your area of Specialty

Gencon-Graus Construciton provides services in the United States with the following services. - Design/Build -Construction Managment - General Contractor -Construciton Mainteance - Tenant Improvments - Project Cordination - Masonry & Concrete - Carpentry - Demolition - Scaffolding - General labor

Why should the Customer Hire you?

Gencon-Graus Construction has the staff and ability to meet the customer needs with value engineering, safety, cost controls and effiecincies to complete projecs a head of schedule and under budgets.


This request will be provided with a written request so we can choose from our refrences the ones that best type with the work your looking at.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Advisors / Jason Richmond

Special Awards

Gencon Graus has earned many different awards over the course of our years of service.

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