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Orlando, FL 32825
Family Stone Masonry

Company Biography

FSM&C has over two years in the business. FSM&C's owner's and employees have over 10 years hands on experience stucco.

Primary Trades

Stucco-Synthetics,Styrofoam,Bands,Lath, Tyvek,All textures.Concrete-Slabs,Foundation ,Blocks,Curbs.

Explain your area of Specialty

FSM&C'S areas of specialty are Concrete-slabs,foundations,blocks,curbing.Stucco-All textures,Lath,Bands,Styrofoam,(Efis)Synthetics.My coverage area is FLORIDA.My bidding areas are All areas of Stucco and Concrete.

Why should the Customer Hire you?

Customers should hire FSM&C because we are the best at what we do.We here at FSM&C have a passion for our work making us go the extra mile to satisfy.Give us a call you won't regret it.


Dr. Jose Terrazzo 407-694-8132 (Stucco) David 863-683-1230 (Stucco) Karen 321-695-9555 (Concrete)

Insurance Coverage

American vehicle insurance for G/L 1,000,000/2,000,000.Workers Comp coverage as well.Insurance Agent Faith Solomon contact 407-306-9408

Special Awards

Dr. Jose Terazzo states "FSM&C are fast and get the job done with skill and expertise" David states "FSM&C did a great job on turning this home of old wood into the envy of the neighborhood thanks FSM&C"

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